"Become Your Own Gym"

Training Program


Derek DeCosta CPT, PDC

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                 Fitness in 9 Minutes
                                   Kikfit Group Class

                   Class Techniques
                                 Foam Roller Routine

                        How To Eat for Fitness                               The Stick Release Techniques

                       Door Strap Instructions                                       Band Stretches

                             Why Stretch?                                         Chair Stretches

                            Types Of Workouts
                                         Door Stretches

                           Kikfit Slider Workout                                          Floor Stretches

                            Suspension Strap
                                       Stair Stretches

                       Swiss Ball Core
                                     Upper Body Workout

                           Cardio Heavy Bag
                                        Ab Sling Core 

                           Fake Jump Rope                                        Goals and Motivation

                            Park Bench Workout
                                     Deck Band Workout

                           Deck Core Workout                                      Inside Chair Workout

                            Doorstrap Pullups                                  Core/Leg Routine

                               Stair Pushups
                                     Total Body Stretch

                             Upper Body Band
                                        BOSU Workout

                               Cardio Boxing                                            Ice Away Pain

                         Home Stretches/Upper                                     Home Stretches/Lower



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