Personal Training Clients:


"Derek is the real deal. He is truly a holistic trainer in that he aspires to get to know you as an individual and involve not only the physical part of your life but the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects as well. The best thing about Derek though, is that he cares about you as a person and is completely vested in your goals and aspirations. I was impressed with his knowledge of nutrition, exercise physiology and biomechanics and his ability to push but not cause injury. He is a great teacher and motivator and will get you to get the most out of yourself."

- Dr. John Arcuri, MD, FACEP

"Although I am very driven in my professional life, I have had some difficulty feeling inspired towards getting myself in shape. Derek is outstanding at tapping into your potential to reach your goals on several levels, through your mind, your body and spirit. He is incredibly well versed in his craft, whether it's motivation, nutrition or fitness.
One of the best decisions I've ever made was to hire Derek for his expertise!"

- Dr. James Hermenegildo, MD, Chair of surgery, Charlton Memorial Hospital

Charlton Memorial Hospital

"After moving to the area 5 years ago and giving up my personal training business it was very important for me to find a place in my life for fitness. Working with Derek is just what I hoped it would be. He is very focused and extremely knowledgeable. He makes sure my technique is correct and encourages me to strive for more. I feel stronger and healthier."

- Deborah MacPherson, Certified Personal Trainer

"Derek is incredibly motivating, has extensive knowledge about nutrition, and tailors each workout to your specific needs. Going to him is not just a workout for your body but for your soul as well, it's like a mini therapy session while lifting weights!
I've taken classes at big name studios in other cities but I can honestly say that I've gotten more out of my sessions with Derek in terms of feeling sore, seeing results and in general feeling better about myself than I have with any of those other classes.  Highly, highly recommend!"

- Missy Iredell, Artist Manager


"Every workout with Derek not only benefits me physically, but also mentally. Derek has an extensive knowledge of the human body and what is required to be in the best of shape. He has the patience and skills to explain every session effectively. My wife and I also enjoy attending his Kikfit classes together for an intense one hour workout that benefit us both. I highly recommend Derek to anyone looking for a highly effective and motivating fitness experience. "

- Aaron Bates - Owner, Used Tire Warehouse Inc.

"Derek has been a blast to work with and training with him has led to a noticeable difference in performance on and off the golf course. I'm confident the work we put in will lead to lower scores on the course and a more healthy life off the course! Training with Derek has taught me to think of fitness as not something you do for an hour a day, but as a lifestyle. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone and look foroward to continuing to work with him."

- Pat Gunning, Head PGA Professional

 Kittansett Club, Marion MA

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Kikfit Class Students:

"Derek's workouts are incredible. He's done it all, so he knows the best moves for the maximum benefit. He's an incredible person and totally devoted to the health of this community!"
"We are so lucky to have him here!"

- Corinna Raznikov,  Professional Photographer

  Raznikov Photography

"Kikfit is such an amazing workout, it combines everything from cardio to strength training all in one hour. Not only did it help me towards my goal in losing weight, but it also helped me enjoy working out again. Thank you Derek! "

- Dawn Mogardo

"For the past six years, I have had the privilege of training with Derek in the areas of personal defense, weight lifting, and his Kikfit class. Derek is not only knowledgeable in all of these areas, but he can also effectively communicate the principles behind the material that he teaches. "

- Scott Smith, Police Detective

"I highly recommend Kikfit to anyone who wants to be inspired and motivated, both mentally and physically. His classes not only get you in the best possible shape, they also give you energy and strength to improve your daily life. Derek is very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of health & fitness. Once you join Kikfit, you will wonder how you ever lived without it."

- Kaneisha DeBurgo, RN

"We’ve been working out with Derek's Kikfit class for five years. And find it to be the best routine we’ve ever done (and we’ve done many). It is second to none. There's a combination of things that makes it so appealing. First and foremost is Derek, he has a way of keeping you motivated and focused. He is so tuned in to the human body.  We feel like we’re getting the best trainer around!  At the end of each workout we always feel motivated and inspired. It's really been great for us to bond with as a couple."

- Sue Duncan & Mark Gillum

"Coach Derek has had such a positive impact on my life. His training is full circle mind, body & spirit. His experiences and knowledge are so inspiring and motivating. He is a natural at what he does and his passion is real. His teachings are a great foundation for a holistic lifestyle. I have achieved great results and continue to grow everyday!"

- Johanna Baker

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